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SMART Systems® aims to set the standard for environmental awareness and sustainable practice.


Ecological Packaging

SMART Systems® and SFSPac® are committed to replacing drums, pails, and rigid plastic containers with "minimal packaging" that can be reused. Such containers save energy used to manufacture, ship, warehouse, and distribute bulky metal and plastic containers while reducing disposal costs and landfill space by more than 90%.


Reduce Waste and Improve Performance

Our pre-measured system of high-concentrate detergents helps ensure that only the proper amounts of detergent are used and eventually disposed of into the waste stream.


Formulations and Chemical Use

Over-used chemicals can compromise the safety of cleaning programs and negatively impact health and the environment. Only a handful of SFSPac® products are needed for most food-service cleaning systems. In addition, SFSPac® is committed to Green Seal Certified products and environmentally friendly formulations.

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